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Gabina Valentín López - Mexican Partner

Gabi is an Amuzgo weaver from Xochistlahuaca, Mexico, that stands against discrimination of gender, social class, and ethnic groups since the age of fifteen. Supported by the women of her family, she plays a key role in preserving and maintaining their textile culture. By selling the Amuzgo weavers’work throughout Mexico, she tries to safeguard their ability to gain independency as women while maintaining their culture alive.

Inês Paiva Vilar de Queirós - Founder & Director

Inês is a Portuguese textile artist and researcher that dreams to preserve the endangered textile cultures and the unique multicultural manifestations of the ethnosphere. With her knowledge on natural dyeing methods and weaving techniques, she tries to motivate communities to restore ancestral textile practices while exploring new possibilities. She approaches textiles as a physical vehicle for storytelling, social encounters and a powerful tool for women’s emancipation.

Lucas Martinez Membrilla - Chairman

Lucas is a Spanish contemporary jazz musician who believes that art and culture are fundamental tools to settle the foundations of an egalitarian society. With his artistic approach and passion for new cultures, he wishes to improve Society and create shared spaces through soundscapes. In 2020 he had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for the first time, where he got in contact with its textile culture. This initial contact with rituals, processes and the making of textiles, inspired him to create new music. He sees textile and music as alike art forms that make use of structural tools to represent the communities of a certain time and space.